Moschino and Jeremy Scott can always be counted on for more colorful, flamboyant spins on contemporary fashion. Now, following Moschino’s 2018 spring/summer runway showcase at London Fashion Week a couple months ago, the Italian luxury house resurfaces with two special new pieces. Taking inspirational cues from the multi-faceted world of Transformers, Moschino Couture presents a new sweatshirt and t-shirt combo based on the popular robot-themed series.

Vibrant and trippy, Moschino Couture’s Transformers items combine graphics of the series’ characters with an outer-space, intergalactic presentation. Far from your traditional television and movie merchandise collections, these two new pieces should allow you to live out your childhood memories in a fashionable, eye-catching way. While the creators and manufacturers of previous Transformers apparel products and action figures probably didn’t have clothing items like this in mind, the more mature series fan should be pretty content with these releases.

You can take a look at Moschino’s Transformers-themed sweatshirt and t-shirt above. At present time, The Business Fashion is selling both the sweatshirt and the graphic tee.

For more from Moschino, check out its 2017 fall/winter collection.

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