Nike’s latest collection has come under fire for using a prominent and historically significant logo. Advocacy group AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP for short) has spoken about the sportswear giants use of the pink triangle in the BETRUE range — which was first used by Nazi’s to label people as gay and was since reclaimed — as its logo for the drop. Nike were aware of the importance of the logo and its relation to ACT UP, saying the following in a press release: “The triangle was reclaimed in the 1970s by pro-gay activists and was later adopted by ACT UP in [its] memorable 1980s-era ‘Silence = Death’ campaign.”

On Twitter, ACT UP wrote to Nike saying “‘Hey, we love that you’re moved by our work. How about donating the proceeds to current work we continue to do?” to which Nike responded that they were ready to talk to the organisation.

In related news, size? gave its take on the Air Max 95 Safari.

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