As fans patiently awaited for Frank Ocean’s sophomore album release yesterday, they were soon hit with the realization – it’s just not going down. This after it was reported last week from the New York Times that the singer’s sophomore album Boys Don’t Cry would officially release on August 5 via Apple Music after a mysterious live stream video appeared on Ocean’s website. Well, Friday came and went, and still no signs of an album. Now fans are suspecting that the album will drop in November instead.

Back in July, Frank Ocean uploaded a “due date” library style card onto his website.

The image suggested the album had been pushed back more than 15 times and many people believed the project would see a release in July since the date stood out in red highlight, and it was in fact the next date up. But if you look closely, there is still one more date on there that has yet to reached. Subtly stamped in black in the middle of the card is the date of November 13, 2016, which many are now speculating is the true date of release for Boys Don’t Cry Fuse points out. Have a look above.

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