The brand behind the DJI Osmo camera and gimbal which allows users to create smooth video footage free of camera shake, is bringing the same technology to smartphones with the DJI Osmo Mobile. The new gadget functions by turning any smartphone into a smooth shooting video camera using a 3-axis system to absorb unwanted movements. Through the DJI GO app, the operator is able to easily control ISO, shutter speed, and ActiveTrack. Check out the video above, where we follow Japanese dance duo Hilty & Bosch as they put the tool to use, capturing the dynamics of each other’s quick movements steadily and seamlessly. We see the ActiveTrack come into play, as the app is able to lock in on them as subjects to automatically follow their every gesture, removing the need for a third person to shoot. The DJI Osmo Mobile currently retails for $299 USD and can be found online here.

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