The first trailer for DC Comics and Warner Bros. new live-action series about the Teen Titans is nothing like Teen Titans Go!, which is slated for a theatrical release, and a lot like the current DCU films in this dark, brooding first look.

In the trailer above, we see a gritty reimaging of the popular teenage superhero team made up of Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven, and Robin – the latter of which we see beating and shooting criminals to a bloody pulp, subsequently damming his mentor with a saucy “F*ck Batman” line. Although this is produced from the same guy whose produced The Flash, Supergirl, and Arrow, Titans is slated to be more mature than any CW DC show on the air currently.

The trailer came out of San Diego Comic-Con and the show will premiere on DC Universe–an upcoming subscription service that will host an array of DC-related shows and a vast digital comics library. Its cost was announced at the con, it will cost $74.99 USD annually and $7.99 USD monthly. Other shows slated to debut on the platform next year is a live-action Swamp Thing series as well as the third season of the animated series Young Justice.

In related news, Joaquin Phoenix’s stand-alone Joker film now has a release date.

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