A Lamborghini hypercar is apparently on the way. As revealed by an exclusive new report from The Super Car Blog, the famed automaker is working on producing a hypercar known as the Lamborghini LB48H.

Billed as a “hybrid hypercar,” the Lamborghini LB48H was reportedly debuted at a private event in Italy earlier this year. Notably, the vehicle’s exterior is said take most of its style from the Terzo Millenio concept. Only 67 models are planned for production, and the the vehicle is expected to fetch $2.5 million USD in the retail market.

In the past, Lamborghini’s Research and Development Director Maurizio Reggiani has also teased a potential hybrid hypercar. “I don’t think that the technology for a full electric Lamborghini will be ready until 2026. Hybrids are a step towards that,” reads an April quote from Reggiani.

Lamborghini reportedly plans to showcase the hypercar at forthcoming events in Tokyo and New York as well. We’ll keep you updated as more information emerges.

Back in April, Lamborghini teamed up with Mizuno for a special Wave Tenjin 3.

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