We have come a long way since the 2009 story of a Tokyo man that married the character in his Nintendo DS game, Love Plus. A headline that sounded absolutely ludicrous at the time, it wasn’t until the 2013 release of Spike Jonze’s Her that people were open to admit that love could blossom between a man and an AI operating system — even if it may have just been the Sultry and compassionate voice of Scarlett Johansson that captivated the hearts of Joaquin Phoenix and audience. Today the Japanese tech startup, Gatebox, has just announced a home companion that will not only help you around the house, but interact and grow as part of your life. The goal of Gatebox is to offer the option to live and hang out with your favorite character, and as augmented reality is booming, it is more achievable than ever. Meet the first character Azuma Hikari, who is able to converse with her “Master,” as well as recognize their movements, and even dream. Check out the video above to see he full capabilities of the Gatebox Home Robot, and to see full specs and place your pre-order, head over to their website now.

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