Interior designer Yusuke Seki introduces his newest designed for Voice of Coffee, located in Kobe, Japan. The former barbershop storefront’s face has been set back with Japanese threshold space between the shop interior and street for people to sit. The lower half of the front is made of glass bricks stacked on top of one another, held together by concrete alone. The glass door handle, however, is glued with two panes and flued together to give a completely transparent look to the doorway.

The interior features a cupboard of glass and steel, whose gull-wing mechanism was developed by Yusuke Seki especially for this store. Structural elements left behind before the subsequent redesign includes the original timber frame used for a screen below the ceiling, and the walls, which only had its finish removed. This approach “serves to make history visible” and “adds to the sense of time passing.” Even its layer of silver leaf on the wall near the back of the store is meant to age into a warm gold as time goes by to reinforce the procedure.

In other design news, Daft Punk’s creative director launched the Hervet Exhibition at Maxfield, L.A..

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