Bernie Sanders, for better or worse, has become arguably the most relatable presidential candidate out there. Where people can’t seem to process Hillary Clinton‘s pandering maneuvers or Donald Trump‘s radical policy suggestions, they find peace in Sanders’ one-for-all attitude. And when isn’t on 97’s with Ebro Darden talking about his wishes to make public college tuition free, he’s hosting rallies for 100,000 people in the South Bronx, a neighborhood most candidates wouldn’t dare step foot in. Earlier this week, Sanders continued his campaign push, embarking towards the city of Lancaster, California where thousands of supporters showed up and showed out to support the Bern. Sanders did not disappoint, and he made his way to the podium with the sounds of DMX’s “Where The Hood At.” The only thing louder than the record was the crowd’s delightful reaction to it. Watch above.

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