With “XO Tour Llif3,” having gone 4x platinum earlier this month,  Lil Uzi Vert is making waves again — this time with previously-unreleased visuals. The video shows the rapper using a slightly different flow than we typically hear from him now, but Lil Uzi still has the same mix of braggadocio and nihilism in his lyrics that make him so popular nowadays.

The black and white visuals are raw and lo-fi, showcasing a Vert that’s presumably nearer the start of his career. You can watch the Lil Uzi Vert video below.

It’s been a blockbuster year for the rapper who, most recently, performed with Playboi Carti at the Rolling Loud festival just after cancelling their joint tour. Nicki Minaj also recently remixed Vert’s “The Way Life Goes,” saying that there were outside forces stopping the release.

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