Vic Mensa has been one of the more vocal artist in the wake of current issues. He’s advocated for LGBT equality and expressed his disapproval of black culture appropriation. He’s also received a bit of backlash for it though, especially after sending tweets surrounding Jesse WIlliams speech at the BET awards. The Chicago rapper also went on The Nightly SHow with Larry Wilmore recently to say that Justin Timberlake “[turns] a blind eye [from black culture] when it could be dangerous.” This week, Mensa appeared on DJ Semtex’s BBC 1Xtra Radio show and did a freestyle over Pusha T’s “Number on the Boards,” where he talked about current issues as well as the JT controversy. “For the record / I ain’t got no problem with Justin Timberlake / That’s a media spin / Don’t believe the shit they say.” Watch it above.

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