It maybe safe to say Wiz Khalifa won’t be on Kanye’s seeding list anytime soon. It’s no secret, the two had a public beef on internet a few months back where Kanye West called Wiz Khalifa’s corny after he felt the Pittsburgh rapper disrespected Kim Kardashian. They eventually squashed the beef but it appears Wiz might still be feeling some sort of way. In a recent interview with YouTube’s sneaker channel Money Kicks, Wiz is handed a pair of Yeezys but quickly flips, “You know I can’t touch those. I ain’t touching those.” He was then questioned if he thinks Yeezy jumped over Jumpman, as Kanye infamously rapped to which Wiz’s response was: “Nah, hell no. Never. Jordan is a brand that’s not going nowhere. That’s like Chuck Taylor.” The young host then asked “Do you like the Yeezys?” to which Khalifa said, “Nah, I don’t. I don’t hate anything, I just don’t like that shoe.”

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