After the legendary 365 GT4 BB Ferrari was introduced in 1973, the 1975 Ferrari 365 GT4 BB became the next successor that were seen as a potential rival of Lamborghini’s Miura and then newly released Countach.

Inspired by Miura, the marque equipped the supercar with a mid-engine 12-cylinder, which is widely used in the supercars of the new century. The newly configured engine allows the sportscar to traverse at a top speed of 302km/h and produce 380 brake-horse-power.

Tracing back history, this Ferrari 365 GT4 BB was delivered new to Sydney, Australia in 1975 after it rolled out of the production facility. It was sold to the first owner Ron Hodgson in Parramatta in October 1975.

Just one of the 387 units built and only 88 examples were factory configured, this supercar is even more desirable to own. The 4.9-litre flat-12 is rear-mid mounted, all mated to the smooth 5-speed manual. Thus resulting in a more balanced and high-performance driving experience than its predecessor.

What’s unmistakable is “the sound of the carburettored flat-12 from this example, providing a raw and connected feel. Its power and dynamic handling has led led this car to be one of the most desirable Ferraris on the market today,” claimed the private car seller.

Fast forward to today, the Ferrari 365 GT4 BB model is said to be in impeccable condition;  its Rosso Chiaro paint complements the black-accented Crema interior, the paintwork has been meticulously maintained and kept in its original condition, a tell-tale sign of a well looked-after example.

The matching numbers of the vehicle is verified by the factory warranty card and browsing through the images of the example, the engine bay and undercarriage seem to be as clean as the exterior.

Buyer of this Ferrari will receive the original owner’s manual, log books, tool kit and various receipts to verify its mileage and ownership.

Price: USD 505,000

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