Daniel Craig shares his thoughts on the new Aston Martin DB10 in the latest “Spectre” teaser video.

The new clip, released Thursday, gives both Bond and Aston fans their biggest hint yet at what to expect from the car when it appears in the 24th official Bond film later this month.

Regarding the DB10, built specifically for the film, Craig describes the car as feeling right and looking like a proper Bond car.

The special effects and stunt department also confirm that this will be the first Aston Martin since Craig took up the mantle of the world’s favorite fictional British secret agent to come gadget laden.

In an interview with the British press over the weekend, “Spectre” stunt coordinator Gary Powell confirmed that he and his team had destroyed £24 million worth of cars in creating the film’s action scenes including seven of the 10 specially built Aston Martins.

“Spectre” will hit British cinema screens on October 26 and will be released globally in November.

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