As Land Rover takes the wraps off its latest top of the range off-roader, take a look back at how the Autobiography range has developed since its inception in 1994.

A 1994 Range Rover Autobiography

As soon as the Range Rover started becoming popular in higher social circles, so did demands for bespoke customization.

So much so that in 1993 Land Rover decided to create a special ‘ultra-luxury’ model, the Autobiography that came with the most frequently requested specifications, as standard.

An original Range Rover Autobiography

original Range Rover Autobiography

The original Autobiography was showcased in 1993 and went on sale a year later. A long wheelbase model with a completely bespoke interior, the supporting publicity material underlined the fact that it could be specified with an integrated rear passenger fax machine. Only 25 were built making it one of the most collectible Range Rovers out there.

Second generation Range Rover Autobiography

Second generation Range Rover Autobiography

Times change and by 1997, the Range Rover had been redesigned inside and out and the Autobiography had started to embrace technological advances as well as a greater range of leathers and wood veneers.

Interior detail – second generation Range Rover Autobiography

Second generation Range Rover Autobiography interior

The second generation models incorporated satellite navigation, televisions and a back-seat VHS player for in-car movies.

Range Rover Autobiography brochure cover

Range Rover Autobiography brochure cover

However, it was the third generation Range Rover, developed while the company was owned by BMW, which saw the biggest jump forward in terms of quality, refinement, comfort and outright luxury.

Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition

Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition

In 2011, the company launched the Autobiography Ultimate Edition, for when luxury and exclusivity aren’t enough.

Range Rover Autobiography

Inside, it boasted special Kalahari wood veneers, two integrated iPads, a machined aluminum computer table, reclining seats and a drinks chiller. Production was limited to 500 examples, globally.

Range Rover Autobiography Black Interior

Range Rover Autobiography Black Interior

If that sounds impressive, the Autobiography Black, unveiled at the LA auto show in 2013 added mood lighting, electric rear curtains, seat massage functions, integrated 10.2-inch screens, even more room for reclining and a glass panoramic roof to the mix.

Holland & Holland Range Rover

Holland and Holland Range Rover exterior

Technically speaking, this isn’t an Autobiography, but the Holland&Holland Range Rover, announced in February, starts off life as one.

Holland and Holland riffles

What makes it even more exclusive, apart from its 120-example run is that it uses the same marquetry and metal working techniques that the gunsmith uses for its premium shotguns. The finishing touch is a pair of guns, in their own bespoke case, fitted on rails within the car’s trunk.

Range Rover SVAutobiography


The latest-generation Autobiography is the first to come with a two-tone external paint scheme as standard and the option of a 550PS supercharged V8 engine.

Inside, it’s the first production model to get milled aluminum switchgear and pedals and even the logbook and user manual are leather bound.

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