Speed boat makers Cigarette Racing have partnered with Mercedes tuning division AMG to release a speed boat inspired by the new Mercedes SLS AMG.

With 2,700 horsepower on tap, the knife-hulled 46-foot boat is almost five times as powerful as its road-going counterpart.

The power for the Cigarette Racing boat comes from a pair of twin-turbocharged 552 cubic inch 1,350-horsepower Mercury Racing engines.

That’s enough to deliver a frothy 130-mph estimated top speed.

The boat is painted in AMG’s ALUBEAM silver paintwork – also available on the SLS AMG- that effectively metallizes the exterior of the boat.

The interior is done in the two-tone AMG Designo porcelain and white Nappa leather which is also offered on the SLS AMG.

Source: Motorauthority

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