Traffic congestion will always be a hassle no matter the car you drive, but with the advent of new technology, there are more and more ways to circumvent these problems. Debuting in Auto China 2016, in Beijing, the Audi Connected Mobility Concept is most notable for the special longboard stowed in a drawer under the rear bumper, to help drivers beat the traffic via alternative means of completing journeys.

The car’s system will analyze information regarding a user’s set appointments and routines, planning out the best route while checking out traffic alerts real-time. If the traffic is too intense, the car will find the best parking space and deploy the longboard for the remaining route. The 1.05 electric longboard has a 12km range and can hit speeds of up to 29km/h before the batteries need recharging.

Beyond that, the longboard can be used in three forms. It functions as a skateboard, but can have its handlebars raised and turned into a scooter. Finally, the longboard can act as a trolley to transport luggage by leaving it on the ground loaded up with cases. Audi claims that the board will automatically follow you as you walk when wirelessly synced to a smartphone or smartwatch.


Over the past 12 months, other car companies including Ford, Volkswagen and Mini have demonstrated similar e-bike concepts. Audi stands out by having the board physically integrated into the vehicle itself, as well as its 3 modes of use. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed for the moment when hoverboards becomes the next thing in store.

Images from Audi, via the AFP

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