News is out on who the mysterious buyer of the Maltese Falcon is.

The sale of the 289ft hybrid beast of a superyacht has been quite a serial in the luxury world, being closely followed by blogs and newspapers alike.

The WSJ reports that mist of secrecy surrounding the identity of the buyer, or caretaker as she prefers to title herself, has cleared off.

Elena Ambrosiadou, founder of hedge fund Ikos Partners, reportedly paid $120 million for the Falcon.

Ms. Ambrosiadou, a first-time yacht owner, has been described as the highest-paid woman and wealthiest woman in Britain.

Ambrosiadou will use the yacht for only a few weeks a year — “I work 16 hours a day, seven days a week. I doubt if I’ll be spending much time on her”.

Otherwise, the yacht can be chartered for more than $600,000 a week. “This is an enterprise,” she said.

The Maltese Falcon has six guest cabins, eight crew cabins, a gym and a sculpture of a vintage Bugatti racing car.

For fun, it carries two 32ft Pascoe RIB tenders (with water skis), four Laser sailing boats, and a 14ft Castoldi tender.

Via Jameslist – Timesonline

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