Remember the solar powered Dubai Sea Limousine (an eco-friendly mode of transportation to and from the islands of The World)?

Raising the bar further, Dennis Ingemansson has designed this 45m superyacht that shows the trend toward the eco-friendly yachts of the future.

Designed for the Dutch company Esthec, the superyacht generates solar energy to propel the yacht’s electric engine.

The Esthec superyacht utilizes sophisticated composite decking material, with complete design freedom in form, color and pattern.

Touting a unique floor, the sustainable yacht integrates functional qualities, such as light weight, the ability to recycle it and low maintenance.

Apart from offering an ecofriendly cruise, the Esthec also treats you luxuriously with an onboard swimming pool and hi-tech interiors.

The Ingemansson’s idea designs exhibit at Monaco Yacht Show 2009 in the monter of Esthec.

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