French luxury clothing designer Hermes and Monaco based yacht maker Wally have collaborated to create the ultimate luxury yacht.

The watercraft by Wally-Hermes Yachts, dubbed WHY for short, are the perfect mix of luxury and ‘green’ living.

This revolutionary yacht is developed with the latest and most advanced sustainable technologies, recycling thermal energy, as well as any organic and inorganic waste without compromising on its luxury aspects.

The 38-meter-wide yacht takes the WallyIsland concept forward with dramatic silhouette that comes with a triangular hull shape that doesn’t features a superstructure.

The interior of the yacht is fitted with water resistant buffalo leather using the calpinage technique.

The luxuries on board include a 25-meter interior swimming pool, three decks and a 36-meter “beach” along the back.

The large solar panels covering the roof and sides of the vessel could save at least 200 tons of diesel fuel a year.

The design of the hull means that the yacht uses less power at cruising speed than another boat of equal size.

It has a diesel-electric propulsion system and the solar panels power most of the boat’s auxiliary system needs.

Hermès was involved in every step of the process from concept to realization, considering both the outside and inside were just one of the many things.

As always just like with all their designs they paid special attention to detail, developing the overall architecture of the vessel evaluating issues of speed and spaciousness.

Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Artistic Director of Hermès said: “The WHY 58X38 yacht looks very unfamiliar but it remains on a human scale. Space is the greatest luxury on the sea, but I believe the new luxury will be the time to enjoy it.”

The WHY isn’t for sale as of yet but it is currently undergoing testing in special tank testing facility in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Source: Designboom –flylyf

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