You have classic cars collector friends in Malaysia? In Thailand?

Thailand, yes of course. Very passionate collectors there. There’s a strong base of real enthusiasts in the Philippines and Indonesia. I’m sure there must be a few good ones in Malaysia.

Lancia Fulvia RS
What’s your favorite classic car of all time?

I don’t have favorites. Some were cantankerous old dogs, some were so underpowered they didn’t have the juice to untie a shoelace. Whatever I have now are my favorites. There are two that I fondly recall for very different reasons – my two Lancia Montecarlos and my Lamborghini Urraco. If you really need an answer…it is a toss up between my Lancia Fulvia RS Coupe and a Lancia Montecarlo S2 Spider I had a few decades ago. I suspect my Jaguar XK150 will soon take over that spot – once I’ve achieved what I want to do with it.

What are some of the classic car(s) you own? Why those car(s) in particular?

I like the good spectrum of engineering in what I have – a V4, straight 4, twin cam 4, straight 6 twin cam, V8 monster, V Twin… each has its own idiosyncrasies, its own strengths and weaknesses, its own wonderful exhaust note. And of course I love the designs – Touring of Milan did the Jensen Interceptor, Piero Castagnero at Lancia’s Centro Stile designed the Fulvia, Pininfarina had a hand in the final design of the MGB GT and of course Malcolm Sayer and William Lyons for the elegance of the Jaguar/Daimler Sovereign and the XK150. The race cars are another story entirely.

What would be the most important advice you would give to a new/young classic car collector ?

Stay away from old cars unless you have safe, covered storage, your best mate is a classic car mechanic, and you subscribe to Rewind Magazine.

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