Jaguar has introduced their speed boat concept at the international driving debut of the new XF Sportbrake model in Scotland.

To create the Concept Speedboat, Jaguar worked with naval architecture consultancy firm Ivan Erdevicki and yacht design consultancy Seventy Seven Design.

It features a 6.1m (20 ft) fiberglass hull, a wraparound windscreen and a carbon fiber fin that draws inspiration from the D-Type. The boat also has teak decking, a polished aluminum propeller and a 2+1 seating arrangement.

According to Jaguar Design Director Ian Callum, “The concept speed boat looks powerful. It follows, in so many ways, the idea of a traditional speedboat but with the sleek and fast characteristics that you would expect from a Jaguar car.”

Sadly, unlike the Mercedes SLS AMG–inspired Cigarette boat, Jaguar emphasizes that it has no plans to build or commercialize a floating vessel of any kind.

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