Land Rover is developing a see-through trailer concept that would completely remove the blindspot created when towing a caravan or trailer.

The system uses a Range Rover’s existing external camera array that provides a 360-degree view when not coupled to a trailer, but combines the image feed with that from a further wireless camera that attaches to a trailer. The resulting composite video plays in the vehicle’s rear-view mirror making the trailer ‘invisible’.

Land Rover Transparent Trailer technology

Land Rover’s research doesn’t stop at making towing a trailer safer for the driver, it is also actively examining how to keep the load itself safe via a complementary trailer monitoring system.

Cargo Sense uses an in-trailer camera and pressure pads to help a driver load the trailer evenly with weight properly dispersed for stability but will sound the alarm if something starts moving around inside the trailer while the vehicle is in motion.

Land Rover Cargo Sense Smartphone app

If the cargo is horses, the movement will trigger the camera, showing the passenger but not the driver a live feed on the car’s infotainment screen.

The system also acts as a remote security feature as the footage or changes in pressure can be checked via a smartphone.

The video below introduces the Transparent Trailer.

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