At just shy of 10 meters in length and standing 3.65m tall, the Sin City Hustler is bigger than the average studio apartment.

But nothing about the world’s first ‘luxury’ monster truck is on the small side. It has an 8.5-liter (521 cubic inch) big block Ford motor, generates in excess of 700hp, tips the scales at 6800kg and can carry 12 passengers in individual racing seats for full back support.

However, the biggest number is its price tag: $1 million.

Created by Big Toyz Racing Motors (BTR), the Sin City Hustler marks a very significant milestone for the Willow Beach Arizona firm on its journey from being a fabricator and modifier to running a monster truck team to becoming a bespoke vehicle maker.

Based on a Ford Excursion, the monster truck was hand-built from the ground up on a race-specification tube chassis and custom suspension to ensure rigidity.

The Sin City Hustler is not road legal, but that’s the point: it was built for going off road and overcoming any obstacle nature throws at it.

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