U.S. Submarines, has developed a 2-person model submarine called the Triton 1000.

It is always great to own a yacht and have those parties by the deck. However, after a while, you may need something more exciting : the small submersible is lightweight and engineered specifically for deployment from medium-to-large yachts.

With an overall height of 1.85 meters and an overall length of only 3.2 meters the Triton fits on many mid-level boat decks and at 3.3 tons it can be launched using existing equipment from most yachts (and if you still don’t own a yacht, you can attach the sub behind a truck or a SUV).

Its design provides for excellent visibility and high levels of comfort, while luxury leather seating and full air conditioning offer the pilot as much comfort as possible in such a small space.

The operations are easy : the unit’s controls include intuitive joystick controls and touch screen monitors. In addition, U.S. Submarines provide piloting and maintenance training to the owner or crew with no additional cost, so you don’t kill yourself and make manufacturer U.S. Submarines look bad.

Triton pricing begins at $1.69 million and if you are wealthy enough, you can also have a look at some of the most luxurious private submarines you could own.

For more information on the Triton 1000, see the sub’s website – Source : TFOT

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