The superyacht that once belonged to Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein is on the market again following a failed attempt to sell it for $30 million in 2008.

The boat is back in Iraqi waters after the country won a legal battle with Jordan over its ownership last year. It has since been to Greece to undergo renovations.

The 82m (270ft) Ocean Breeze is equipped with swimming pools, an operating theatre, a helipad and an escape tunnel leading to a submarine.

The ship, originally called Qadissiyet Saddam after a historic Iraqi military victory, was built in a Danish shipyard in 1981 by workers sworn to secrecy.

But, despite its luxurious facilities, Saddam Hussein is never thought to have stayed on board himself, fearing political instability if he left Iraq.

While it was considered to be a grand yacht in 1981, when it was built, the Ocean Breeze, at 82 metres long, is now regarded as being puny compared with mega-yachts commissioned by a new wave of super-rich people.


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