Designed by Luiz de Basto of Miami, the SeaFair’s Grand Luxe is world’s first luxury-exposition megayacht. It will display art, jewelry, and antiques from prestigious U.S. and European museums, art galleries, and jewelers. Sized at 228 foot, it will also be available for private events, offering two five-star quality restaurants, open-air caviar and champagne lounges, and cocktail areas in conjunction with the exhibitions. All events will occur portside only.

It is an innovative concept designed to expand the marketing reach of American and International dealers while revolutionizing interest in the local arts and cultural community. In today’s challenging global environment, this custom-designed exhibition yacht will bring dealers directly to collectors’ seasonal residences rather than requiring the collector to travel a great distance in order to visit world-renowned galleries. The massive three-tiered $20 million Grand Luxe, is currently undergoing ship modifications, and marketing adjustments.

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