The Scrambler Ducati Custom Rumble contest is an epic contest to see which of the most visionary motorhead contenders can build the coolest bike you’ll ever own. For the 2nd edition of Custom Rumble, a Japanese master-artisan named Masaharu-san has bequeathed us with a gorgeous gold Aellambler Ducati Scrambler motorcycle.

The Coolest Bike You’ll Ever Own: Aellambler Ducati Scrambler motorcycle

Masaharu-san,the Japanese craftsman behind the head-turning Aellambler Ducati Scrambler works with motorcycle parts fabricator Aella Japan. Designed with 3D modeling techniques, the L-twin powered Scrambler has served as the base for Masharu’s gold Aellambler bespoke Ducati Scrambler.

While the Scrambler has been used as a foundation model for everything from cafe-style retro to off-road tracker, the Aellambler Ducati Scrambler motorcycle bears a sinuous form greatly enhanced a gilt shimmer courtesy of gold leaf paint. The brass foil is lovingly hand applied by Masharu-san and then re-applied to create the texturous gold finish. Meanwhile, the rich, quilted brown leather of the seat only adds to the luxurious opulence of the ultra exclusive custom Ducati Scrambler.

Beneath the surface, the L-twin engine of the Aellambler Ducati Scrambler motorcycle eschews the standard electronic fuel injection system for a pair of 39mm FCR carburetors, custom machined intakes and velocity stacks. Aella Japan’s take on the classic Ducati Scrambler 803 for the second edition Custom Rumble is not about applying some external body modifications but essentially highlights its trellis frame and soups up the engine to emphasize the best of what a Ducati Scrambler can be.

The two-piece bodywork combines the front fairing, fuel tank, and seat, in hand decorated gold-tone brass foil to create one of the coolest looking motorcycles Luxuo has seen. There are many awesome interpretations of the Ducati but you can vote specifically for the Aellambler Ducati Scrambler motorcycle in the Custom Rumble’s “Best Independent Customizer” category.


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