The 100 car build-run of the Pagani Huayra coupe has come to an end. With the final one set to deliver in June, the famous Italian artisan hypercar builder is bowing out in style with this beauty: ‘L’Ultimo’.

Dubbed “Il Ultimo” – meaning ‘the last’ in Italian – the final Pagani Huayra coupe sports Lewis Hamilton-inspired look. been built for the CEO of Prestige Imports in the US, Brett David.

In honor of the brand’s German engine, the last coupe is built with the same colour scheme as of Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes F1 car, and incorporates various elements of the Huayra evolution, including the track-orientated BC and Wind God-orientated Tempesta.

The Huayra is longer, wider, faster model than its predecessor with a turbocharged twelve-cylinder, encased in its stunning grey body with turquoise aqua accents. With the entire chassis made of carbotanium – where carbon-fibre and titanium strands are woven together. Finally, the coupe sits atop pinstriped alloy wheels and fixed, full-length rear wing. Just like Pagani Huayra’s previous 99 models, Il Ultimo features a mid-mounted 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 supplied by Mercedes-AMG, developing 536kW of power at 5800rpm, and 1000Nm of torque from 2600rpm to 4200rpm.

The charming colourway carries on in the car interior, contrasted with white leather seats with gold highlighting , and features a top-notch Sonus Faber 1200w sound system.

Pagani Huayra’s obsessive attention to detail never ceases in any aspect of the car. From the individually branded 3,000 bolts in that car, the key that is an miniature car sculpture made of billet aluminium, to the glorious leather straps restraining the clamshell, Pagani is certainly striving for perfection with this coupe.

The Il Ultimo Huayra is scheduled to deliver in June, seven years since the debut of the coup in 2011.

While these ultra-exclusive series of Italian hypercars may be quite out of reach, it may be a relief to know that Pagani is releasing its Huayra Roadster in Australia, at Zagame Automotive in Richmond, Victoria. Prices start from $5.5 million, more details on the Roadster on Pagani’s official site.

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