Larry Ellison (the founder of Oracle) has a “yacht” so big that he has to dock it where they dock the big ocean liners.

He can no longer cruise into the Harbor at Cannes or Monte Carlo – he’s off in the area where the freighters and tankers are.

To cope with this issue, the people who own these huge yachts, often have a separate yacht they use to get into smaller harbors. They also have helipads as well as other vehicles to use when they are on shore.

Now Monaco based WallyYachts has designed a 325 foot yacht that will cost a cool $250,000,000 U.S.

It has a tennis court, it’s own garden including Palm trees, plus a gas tank so big that it can accommodate enough gas to sale for five years without refueling.

To put this in perspective, the Sheik of Dubai own the largest private yacht in the world, which is 524 feet long. Roman Abramovich is building a new gigayacht that will be 550 feet in length and twice the cost of the one WallyYachts is building.

One of Robert Frank’s great one liners from Richistan comes from the owner of a 100 foot yacht who attended the Fort Lauderdale yacht show.

His comment was, “I never thought that I would feel like my yacht was a dinghy.” Via blross

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