Wally has created a breakthrough yachting concept with the launch of a completely new idea. The Wally//Otto is the only One Design Maxi racing fleet.

Otto has been designed to sail with a limited crew and limited sail inventory to minimize campaign costs and maximize enjoyment.

The Otto also features a unique aft ’guest experience’ area where guests can enjoy the racing in comfort and safety, removed from the operations of the racing crew.

Wally Otto

When not racing, the Otto can quickly transform into a comfortable and easy to sail ‘day-cruiser’, extending the enjoyment of the boat across the whole season.

As a One Design fleet, the Otto can expect greater racing longevity. Otto has also been designed with the necessary headroom and bulkhead positions to successfully convert into a spacious Wally cruiser-racer, with salon, galley and three guest cabins.

Wally Otto yacht

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