Ten unique yacht designs created by famed luxury yacht designer Tom Fexas, who died in 2006, will be sold at auction.

These copyrighted designs will offer an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of boating history and craft a yacht from a choice of 10 individual Fexas designs never seen before.

The designs include the outboard profile and general arrangement for yachts ranging in size from 65 feet to 145 feet.

These designs are being offered worldwide to yacht builders and potential boat owners. Each winner also gets five hours of consultation with the Fexas design staff to finalize the hull design to meet the targeted usage requirements.

The design shown below for a 145-foot, retro-styled yacht, has a minimum bid of $20,000. The auction ends March 20.

Check out all 10 designs in the Copyrights Category for complete design details.

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