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Anthony Brisacq, Yachtside Charter

The people behind Yachtside Charter are experts in yachts sales, yachts charter, management and marketing, covering all operational constraints for daily and weekly charter with crew. Yachtside Charter is first and foremost a “Quality Label” composed of Charter Yacht agencies that must attest to being the central agent of their fleet. They must meet the strictest criteria and quality standards set forth by associations such as MYBA and MCA. Without this, it is not possible to list a yacht on our platform, as this is the only way to guarantee a professional service to our clients. Yachtside Charter is a global digital platform for customers who are looking for a quality service that fulfils their every need.

So, what does Yachtside bring to the table? The one-click accessibility to all available yachts in the fleet in real time while maintaining the human contact with a professional charter broker that will answer all your questions via live chat or by telephone:

• A revolutionary comparative algorithm built into the platform helps the client compare and visualise the yachts on offer
• Instant quotation and pricing are offered in several currencies to know exactly what the cost will be
• High-quality video presentation of the yachts on offer to help ease any doubts a client may have
• Receiving an easy-to-complete e-charter agreement that can be validated with one click
• The option to share the charter rate with several people in a couple of clicks to keep family members or friends in the loop Yachtside Charter has four offices strategically located in Monaco, Palma de Mallorca, Phuket, and Singapore in partnership with Yachtside Group. We have developed a “White Label” digital platform for travel agencies, hotel groups, family offices, private concierges and banks – giving their privileged clients access to the best charter yachts worldwide in a few clicks.

Some of our more recent partnerships with Rosewood, Pavilions Hotels, Café Del Mar for instance have flourished as we offer a 24/7 turnkey solution to manage their own bookings via our reservation management system interface (CRM), while proposing their guests our charter fleet under their respective brand name. Yachtside Charter is first and foremost a “charter broker”, as yachting agencies work with each other every day in their inter-professional relationship and in accordance with the pattern that MYBA has put in place: on the one hand, there are “CA” (Central Agent) Yachts managing their fleet, promoting it to their clients and yachting professionals network, and on the other hand there are Charter Brokers looking for charter yachts for their clients.

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The world of yachting has been functioning this way for several decades, and largely remains unchanged. Yachtside Charter in its role of “charter broker” therefore offers CA Yachts to its existing network of more than 27,500 contacts. In order to preserve a perfect neutrality and to avoid any conflict of interest, Yachtside Charter undertakes not to sign directly any CA contract.

Yachtside Charter is even a vector for connecting owners who list their yachts on the platform and CAs. In such case, Yachtside Charter introduces a Yacht Charter agency selection from the owner according to its geographical area and the type of yacht. We can share the good experiences of Bristol Charter based in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, Dubai, and Phuket which has received more than 10 new CAs through this win-win strategy for all parties involved.

“We are in a collaborative exchange which aims to change the mentality of Yachting, by moving forward together and not against each other…,” says Anthony Brisacq, CEO of Yachtside Charter. He adds, “Yachtside already totals over 150 units across the Mediterranean and South-East Asia, and we don’t run after the display of 10,000 units, which would not be representative of professional yachting, because the number of charter units in the four corners of the world, that meet professional quality standards, does not exceed 2,500 yachts!”

Yachtside Charter focuses on selected yachts – of the highest quality and standard – and is particularly innovative in its action to promote yachts and yachting agencies collaborating together across Southeast Asia and the entire Mediterranean.

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