Over two years ago, German sneaker shop Afew dropped a “Peanut Butter” collab shoe with Kangaroos. Now they’re back with the jelly. Introducing the tasty new Kangaroos Omnicoil II, featuring a strawberry jelly look in extremely premium made in Germany quality. The luxurious presentation features a sweet mix of strawberry red suede and leather with peanut butter brown leather wrapping the heel and interior. On the inside of the tongue, you’ll find the famous Kangaroos pocket for a handy place to hide any small valuables, while a jam graphic adorns the insoles. Afew didn’t just give the shoe itself an amazing presentation, as it each pair will come in a special acrylic “jam” box and be accompanied by an actual jar of jelly.

The Afew x Kangaroos Omnicoil II “Jelly” will be available on September 17th in-store at Afew, followed by an online raffle release for any remaining pairs.

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