The United States Of America is going through trying times right now, and that’s putting it very, very lightly. The horrific events in Charlottesville, VA and the has left us in a complete state of shock, while the response from President Donald Trump has shed light on the fact that his intentions might be geared in favor for a select group of American citizens.

Jordan Brand employee Frank Cooker, who primarily works on energy products for the brand and has leaked some special edition, not-for-the-public footwear on his personal Instagram account, posted this Air Jordan 1 with #BLACKLIVESMATTER printed on an ankle straps. It would be great to see Jordan Brand send a powerful message with a release to the public, with all proceeds going directly to charity that supports the cause for true unity in our country. Nike, Inc. has been very clear with their stance and has taken several measures to support social causes the promote unity, as it releases #BETRUE and BHM footwear and apparel every year, but one that represents such a firm stance will speak greater volumes.

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