British designer Craig Green is one of the few to entirely bask in eccentricity with many of his apparel make-ups donning modifications by way of intersecting laces or even modular bodies. After a few murmurs of him heading over to Beaverton’s way, the eclectic is officially pursuing footwear under the flags of the Three Stripes with the Kamanda being the first silhouette to don his quite adventurous choice of textures. Revealed in two varieties, the first is one toned down upon first glance and then surprisingly unique upon the next as its choice of slightly translucent overlays and glossy unders adds an almost plastic sheen whose reflections cough up a bit of iridescent refractions. In heavy departure, the next is a snake-like show piece crafted in what looks to be one singular piece as scales cascade from the toe to the rear in illusory perpetuity. Sole units match in their wave-like pattern while the coinciding pair opts for the look of the original. Grab a detailed peek at each set below and expect a release at and select retailers to go down later in their respective season.

Photos: @aardrijkskunde

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