Time and time again — refusing to lose its luster — Engineered Garments thrusts its collaborative silhouettes into a realm asymmetric by design. Doing so on their many Vans releases as well as quite a few Doc Martens, the Nepenthes-housed imprint is readied to bring their signature aesthetics back to the N-crossed flags of New Balance. Taking up brush along the newer canvas of the 990v5, three pairs arrive with their own individual tooling. A grey-dressed pair, which is as timeless an addition as any, is by and large the most ordinary with only contrast shades switching up across the left and right foot panelling. Both black and navy are much more adventurous in their transformation, opting for velvety suedes next to leathers crinkled as if to a reptilian likeness; mesh unders may be the only connecting factor from both sides, though other accents are surely not without their variance in shade and texture. Grab a detailed look at each one right below and expect to find them available at Nepenthes NY come July 23rd.

Engineered Garments x New Balance 990v5
Release Date: July 23rd, 2019

Source: @nepenthes_newyork

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