The LeBron 7, even years past its debut, is still one of the most coveted models from the athlete’s line of signatures, with Player Exclusives aplenty still lying at the top spot on any collector’s wish list. But what’s most surprising about the silhouette is not its unwavering acclaim but its second wind ostensibly sponsored by Nike proper. Circumventing even the more recent 17, the pair continues to grow in significance with the reveal of a brand new PE, one that takes on LeBron James’ current team colors. Alternating with hits of purple and gold, the design sparks obvious spirit and pride through a playful execution made asymmetric with intention. One foot spotlights the darker of the two, adding it to the upper’s top half and sprinkling about the warmer accent to the outline of the swoosh, laces, and the outer section of the tread; the other foot does much of the same with coloring in reverse, standing as the more vibrant of the set. Grab a detailed look at these right here, and with them likely being a 1-of-1, expect to only see them again on-foot come game time.

Photos: @solebyjc

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