The world of MMA was stunned with Ronda Rousey, who seemingly had a Mike Tyson-like grip of domination in women’s mixed martial arts, was sent back down to earth by Holly Holm and her signature high kick. Immediately after the fight, Rousey remained relatively out of the spotlight as she was dealing with rehabbing her ailing body, but made a major splash by being featured in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue in nothing but body paint. What Rousey fans are most concerned about is when and where she will fight again, but according to Dana White, we shouldn’t expect Ronda, currently ranked 4th in the UGC Women’s Bantamweight Rankings, in the Octagon at any point this year.

Today, longtime brand partner Reebok released a new ad with their star athlete. Shot in a familiar style reminiscent of Michael Jordan’s ads, Ronda is seen tearing away her make-up and gowns in favor of her fighting gear and sports tape while taking about what it means to be an imperfect athlete in a demanding industry. While Holly Holm’s name is never mentioned, it’s clear that the message being sent is that Rousey embraces the defeat as an opportunity to improve and gain redemption from what was undeniably a career-altering outcome. Check out the video ahead, and let us know if you think Rousey has what it takes to regain that top spot in the fast-growing MMA world.

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