Sneaker News is proud to announce ‘Beyond The Box’, a new series devoted to unearthing the untold stories behind some of the greatest sneaker releases in history. We’re communicating directly with the source – the actual individuals who designed the shoes – to “unbox” the ins and outs of these relics that have contributed to sneaker culture and the landscape of sneakers during the time of the release. Each of our guests are presented with an unmarked box, leaving the identity of the shoes inside a complete mystery.

Beyond The Box officially kicks off today with NYC graffiti artist Stash, a long-time collaborator of Nike and several other brands of the street art scene. In celebration of Air Max Day, we’re unearthing some bonafide classics at Stadium Goods, one of the world’s top destinations for game-changing footwear. Beyond the shoes, Stash discusses the rise of his NORT/Recon boutique in lower Manhattan, a surprise customer that appeared at one of his sneaker releases, and the single craziest party he’s ever been to. See the first episode of Beyond The Box here and stay tuned for the next installment soon.

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