You’ve had the main course – now it’s time for a decadent dessert. Along with the unveiling of the beastly KD 9, the power-lacing HyperAdapt 1.0, and the futuristic VaporMax, the Beaverton brand is ready to add another notch to the Hyperdunk belt that began in 2008. Heralded as one of the top performance basketball shoes since its inception eight years ago, the Hyperdunk legacy has gained notoriety as a go-to sneaker for basketball players on all levels. The sleek design, championed by the best designers at Nike, has influenced footwear design across all brands and continues to stay several steps ahead of the game.

The next chapter of the series is the Hyperdunk 2016, which carries on that space-boot like aesthetic achieved with last year’s model. What the successive model brings in is a high-cut engineered Flyknit upper, full length Zoom Air, and a fine-tuned herringbone traction. The heel-counter as well as the Dynamic Flywire is a nod to the design detail on the original Hyperdunk as well. This spells out a top performer once again as it contains premium elements of Nike innovation that has kept the brand ahead of the pack for ages. The Hyperdunk 2016 releases this July in the Elite Flyknit version previewed here, as well as high and low top engineered mesh constructions.

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