When brands far away try to enter the sneaker space, there’s often lot of pushback, but when done right as well organic, it leads to something truly special. Threading the needle, TWIX, in honor of their new Cookies & Creme flavor, links up with The Shoe Surgeon for a customized Air Jordan 1 informed almost wholly by snackable gastronomy. Hidden details, a construction of the highest quality, and a surprisingly alluring colorway all pay homage to its titular inspiration, coming out of the box first in a striking blue corduroy that nods to the candy’s wrapper. As such, its white textile base as well as the accented overlays peel off to reveal an inner treatment influenced by what lies inside the shiny foil, bearing a pebbled black texture at the base near identical to cookie bits with complements adjacent mimicking that of its milky counterpart. Luxe red tabs then brandish at the tip of the tongue with gold etching that reads “TWIX” while “RIGHT TWIX” and “LEFT TWIX” print onto the outsoles of their respective pairs in further play on the chocolate staple’s deep-seated lore.

Though only produced in a single batch of 100 so far — sent out free of charge — these are said to be getting a few releases starting in February: some occurring online and others taking up shelves at top sneaker shops. Grab a close-up look here before they do drop and keep an eye out on further word if you’re looking to pick up a set for yourself.

TWIX x Shoe Surgeon x Air Jordan 1
Release Date: February 2020

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