2016 was the unofficial year of grime, and for good reason: Skepta won the Mercury Prize, bringing the once-underground movement to the forefront of British mainstream culture. The ascendance of Boy Better Know — Skepta’s brother Jme had previously secured a win with last year’s Integrity> and sister Julie has been killing it as one of Beats 1′s flagship DJs — has dovetailed with a rise in roadman fashion. Trackies, bum-bags, and reflective piping all found places on haute couture runways this year and with it came a resurgence in British working-class style. Contributions by forward-thinking brands and designers like Nasir Mazhar and Palace made sure that grime’s finest were clad in the latest and greatest in streetwear.

In honor of the holiday season, HYPEBEAST rounded up bare essentials for the roadman in your life.

Nasir Mazhar Technical Cap

Designer Nasir Mazhar has been elevating British working-class looks for the runway for years, even enlisting grime worldwide ambassador Skepta to walk in a black tracksuit a couple years back. These technical caps combine form and function: giving wearers a selection of straps and even a place to store a golf pencil. Very wearable, very useful. You can grab a nylon take on the cap here for $125 USD.

Patta Track Suit

  • Roadman Working Class Style Kanye West Skepta Grime

Mans better not touch road without the finest tracksuit in tow and this burnt sienna/tawny orange number from Patta is just that. The nylon pieces will protect you from the elements and the monochromatic look is in line with the entire roadman aesthetic. The whole suit will cost you on Patta’s site for $190 USD. This ruby red terry track-top from Yardsale is a great alternative option from an ascendant British skate brand, if you’re still looking to be ahead of the curve.

Palace Cigarette Case

If you’re not the type to roll your own, you can always use this Palace cigarette case for a touch of understated cool. You can cop one on Palace’s web-store for $75 USD.

Head Porter Bum Bag

  • Roadman Working Class Style Kanye West Skepta Grime
  • Roadman Working Class Style Kanye West Skepta Grime

A real road native wouldn’t be caught dead without a bum-bag (or a fanny-pack as Americans call it). The accessory provides crucial pocket space for anything and everything you might need for your adventures: cell-phones, train tickets, cameras, what-have-you. This Head Porter bag takes inspiration from the iconic MA-1 bomber jacket, with bursts of orange shining out of its interior. You can snag one in either black or navy for $140 USD.

Reebok Ice

When it comes to sneakers (or creps, as Britons call them), roadmen are all about brand loyalty. So while the Palace x adidas may get all of the hype, there are few things more British than a pair of size?-exclusive Reebok Ice ($90 USD). The chav favorite is available in white and a dark navy here.


Roadman Working Class Style Kanye West Skepta Grime
Brand allegiance is important. Any self-respecting roadman wouldn’t be caught dead mixing Nike and adidas, so when it comes to socks it’s best to pick an outsider brand to avoid any conflict: enter Sam Ross’ A-COLD-WALL* socks, which bring a subtle geometric edge to any outfit. A pair of these costs $20 USD and is available now on Ssense.

F.C.R.B. Scarf

  • Roadman Working Class Style Kanye West Skepta Grime
  • Roadman Working Class Style Kanye West Skepta Grime

Football isn’t just a game in Britain, it’s a religion — complete with socio-political conflict and economic effects. If you aren’t dedicated enough to support a football club of your own, at least you can pledge allegiance to the fictitious Real Bristol football club with this scarf. It’s available now on END. Clothing for $160 USD.

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