Boy Smells Launches PRIDE Month Candle Collection

Boy Smells, a purveyor of candles that are described as “objects of intimacy,” is launching its first-ever PRIDE month collection with the goal of embracing the full gender spectrum. The capsule will also directly support the LGBTQ community through a donation to The Trevor Project, a nonprofit organization centered on suicide prevention among the group.

Popular scents from the brand’s core collection will be released in colors of the PRIDE flag, with each fragrance pegged to a different phrase that embodies Boy Smells’ ideals. The campaign will also feature several different LGBTQ-identifying celebrities who will each represent one of the scents and its respective message: Rileyy Lanez x Radiance of Good for the Cedar Stack candle; Richie Shazam x Gender-Full (Prunus); Naomi Smalls x Dame Nature (Anjelica); Alex Newell x Touchable Dream (Damasque); Adam Eli x Cool to be Kind (Cameo). The LES candle will round it out as a reference to Creative Self-Creation.

“This PRIDE month, explore and express your spectrum of self through a genderful movement centered on scent, digital togetherness and vocalizing the issues that plague our country today. As protests against police brutality and systemic racism erupt across the country, Boy Smells in intent on remembering the origins of PRIDE Month,” the brand stated. “The Stonewall Inn, a scene of anti-police rioting in 1969, is widely regarded as a major turning point in the modern gay-rights movement and a galvanizing force for LGBT political activism.”

Boy Smells’ PRIDE Collection is priced at $34 USD for eight-and-a-half-ounce candles and $102 USD for a three-ounce votive set, with 15 percent of proceeds (and a minium of $26,500 USD) being donated to The Trevor Project. Visit Boy Smells’ webstore to shop the capsule where it will be available throughout June and July.

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