An artwork by D*Face is a pop art token of some harrowing memory that most of us can relate with. The multi-media British artist’s forthcoming exhibit at Corey Helford Gallery pulls at the heartstrings with works dedicated to “the tragedy of losing someone you love,” said the artist. Dubbed “Happy Never Ending,” the acclaimed creative’s slated presentation features a striking new batch of paintings, sculptures, installations, and limited edition prints that reflect on romance, love, and death. Collectively, the pieces are injected with a contemporary twist on retro comics alongside skeleton motifs that we’ve already come to associate with the artist.

To take things further, D*Face—as a newly ordained minister—will be officiating ceremonies for fans at the exhibit. “For the show, I want to construct a mini chapel where we can actually hold a real ceremony and a graveyard in which I want people to leave mementos to the people they have lost,” he said. Get a closer look at the artwork above and expect “Happy Never Ending” to launch this September 23. Visit the Corey Helford Gallery’s official website to learn more.

Corey Helford Gallery
571 S Anderson St. #1
Los Angeles, CA 90033

D*Face Corey Helford Gallery Art Artwork Artist Painting Los Angeles California Exhibit Exhibition

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