South Korean eyewear imprint Gentle Monster has returned with a menacing lineup for its new “13” collection.

Utilizing the same moniker as the upcoming audio-visual collaborative project that will include Kanye West, Malik Yusef, Pharrell Williams and more, the Seoul-based brand’s new eyewear collection dons a theme of imbalance and abnormality. The collection name reflects Gentle Monster’s yearly campaign theme, with this year’s being the “13th month.”

The collection stays true to the brand’s reputation by utilizing a variety of quirky and off-kilter designs that effortlessly combine bold retro styling in a modern way. Some notable standouts are the half-moon lens “Vic” model, the “Cold” model donning vibrant neon orange hits on a translucent frame, and the slim-profiled, retrofuture-esque “Flip-up.”

If you’re interested in purchasing your own pair of lenses, the “13” collection will be dropping via Gentle Monster’s web store on January 11, 2019.

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