Seattle-based Treason Gallery will launch a solo exhibition of works by the influential street artist, Swoon. Entitled “Every Portrait Is a Vessel,” the upcoming presentation will showcase a diverse selection of mixed-media portraiture by the artist spanning archival and newer works. From Swoon’s signature pieces that involve woodblock printing and papermaking to her artworks built using music boxes, the presentation will shed light on the artist’s technical and creative process on multiple mediums.

“Swoon’s process begins with images of subjects who capture the human condition,” described the gallery. “She executes their portraits on various mediums: forgotten and discarded doors, decayed building materials, delicate handmade paper, and even large exterior walls.”

View select works above and then head over to Treason Gallery’s website for further information. The exhibition will be open to the public on April 5.

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Treason Gallery
319 3rd Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104

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This portrait is about seeing our own perfection, no matter what came before. I connected with George during a project with Philly Mural Arts. It was a profound time period for me because I was just beginning to talk about the hardest parts of my family history in public, and in the context of my art. After a big share with a group of folks in the restorative justice program, George was one of the people who looked me straight in the eye with absolute kindness and showed that he’d been there, and that he understood. And the thing about feeling understood is that it makes you feel whole again in some way. That first day I went back to bed and cried because being understood also opens up some tender places that have hardened over in the dark, and so, ironically, it can be painful at first. When it came time for me to make a portrait as a part of our work together, I chose to draw George because I wanted to share back some of that feeling of being seen. This piece is up now at the American Academy of Arts and Letters in NYC through April 7th. #americanacademyofartsandletters (In collaboration with the Guild program at @muralarts )

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