Following behind the grand opening of Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport last month, teamLab has created two immersive artworks that light up the new hub. In collaboration with Shiseido Travel Retail and Jewel, both pieces feature color-changing trees that explore the relationship between humans and the world as part of the multisensory S E N S E installation.

Entitled Resonating Forest and Resonating Trees, both works react with vivid colors as people walk nearby. The trees shine out different tones that then spread throughout its neighboring shrubs while fading in and out as if in a breathing motion. As people continue to move around, the exhibits respond accordingly as a means of reflecting the presence of humans and how they tend to interact with one another.

Resonating Forest is on view now in the airport’s Shiseido Forest Valley, while Resonating Trees will officially open on June 10 in Jewel’s Canopy Park. To watch the forest in action now, scroll above for a video of the colorful work.

For more art news, catch up on teamLab’s experiential “Universe of Water Particles in the Tank” exhibition at China’s TANK Shanghai museum.

Jewel Changi Airport
78 Airport Blvd.
Singapore 819666

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