The legacy of Marilyn Monroe lives on. In a natural joint effort, the American icon is the subject of a commemorative capsule courtesy of Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto‘s Ground Y imprint, cementing Yamamoto’s decades-long fascination with the female form.

“My life is thinking about women,” the legendary designer told The New York Times in 2005. “I like the back curve line of women. I am always watching the silhouette in the streets. The rib cage and the hip is very important for me. The image represents the back of a woman. I’m always following her. Don’t go! Don’t leave me!” Thus, the opportunity to work with the estates of Tom Kelley and Milton Greene, two photographers famous for their intimate imagery of Monroe, reads like a match made in heaven.

Drawing from Kelley’s “Red Velvet Series” and Green’s photographic archive, the collection emblazons a blouson jacket, cloak, gown, shirt and cut-and-sew with lush prints of “the world’s most photographed woman.” Nude snapshots of Monroe take center stage, printed at the chest of the shirt and jacket and rear of the gown and mantle cloak. With Yamamoto’s preferred all-black palette at the core of the designs, the imagery is granted extra emphasis, ensuring that each image is unforgettably bold.

The Marilyn Monroe capsule hits Ground Y’s web store on June 7.

Most recently, Yamamoto introduced another collaborative New Era capsule for Summer 2019.

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