Ahead of his “Figures of Speech” exhibition at MCA Chicago this June, Virgil Abloh just took part in a group exhibition entitled “MANIFESTO” at Lafayette Anticipations in Paris, France.

The multifaceted designer presented a new sound installation called 12-inch Voices, a large-scale piece that features a giant pink boombox wrapped with soundproofing foam panels in pointy shapes. Accompanying Abloh’s installation are original artworks by SULK III, Young Girl Reading Group, and LA-based multidiscipinary artist Cali Thornhill Dewitt who installed a sprawling montage of graphic posters on the walls of the establishment.

Get a closer look at Abloh’s 12-inch voices installation above and then head over to Lafayette Anticipations’ website for further details. “MANIFESTO” is on view until May 19.

In other international presentations, Futura is gearing up to launch his first-ever solo exhibition in Southeast Asia called “COEXIST.”

Lafayette Anticipations
9 Rue du Plâtre
Paris, France 75004

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